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How to we help our elders age in place?

Well friends, I think I am close to being done my book. It's going to press soon and I am just working with the publisher on the cover and the graphics. What is the book about? It's about the current status of long term care access in Canada and how we have an aging population that will SOON require more access to long term care beds, but they don't exist! It is estimated that we will need to increase long term bed capacity from under 200,000 beds currently to MORE THAN 455,000 by the year 2035. That is only 12 years away!!!! My book is subtitled, "A physician's guide to aging in place". It gives exercise presciptions for a variety of adults age 50+ years who need guidance in "getting going". I have also included brain, balance, bed, chair and resistance training suggestions. Finally, I speak about advocacy for elder care and financial concerns that in theory, should be addressed well before the age of 50 for most of us. I'll keep you posted once the book is finished.

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